COC World Championship 2020 Held, Total Prize of 13 Billion!

The presence of more competitive games such as Mobile Legends , PUBG , Free Fire or Call of Duty Mobile made the reputation of Clash of Clans (COC) begin to fade. Even though at the time Clash of Clans really dominated the gaming market in Indonesia. But this situation does not mean that Clash of Clans is dead. In fact Supercell as the developer still provides supports by presenting the Clash of COC World Championship in 2020.

COC World Championship

This international tournament was organized thanks to his collaboration with ESL to support Clash of Clans to become far more competitive. This international tournament will be participated by Clash of Clans (COC) teams from all over the world. While the format of the tournament itself is still the same as that of the previous years. Come on, register your team now!

Clash of Clans (COC) World Championship 2020 still adheres to the same system as before. Where each participating team must follow the Clan War League which is held every month in the game. Not only that, as a condition of qualifying for the monthly offline qualification, each team must also fight in the ESL Play Cups.

The four clans in the top positions of the monthly war league clan and ESL will enter the monthly offline qualification stage which will be held at the ESL Arena Katowice. The winner of this qualification will get a Clash of Clans (COC) World Championship 2020 ticket and compete for a total prize of Rp. 13 billion.

How to Register for the 2020 CoC World Championship

To be able to register in this tournament is not too difficult. There are two allowances you must go through, in-game preliminary and pre-ESL Play preliminary. The trick is as follows.

In-Game Allowance
During the Clan War League season which is held on 01-11 every month starting from February to July 2020. Each participant will compete in Champions League I. Every month the winners of Champions League I will compete 5v5 in the Offline Preliminary Allowance held in Polish Katowise. 6 winning teams from the preliminary round will get tickets to the final round.

The calculation of the winner of the Champions League I is calculated from the Total Stars (Attack Star + Victory Bonus Star). If a tie, the percentage of damage (%) will be determined . Clan leaders will be contacted directly by Supercell through the inbox in the game and will be given 24 hours to confirm the presence of the Offline Allowance held in the same month.

To be able to register for the ESL Play preremis way is not too difficult. You can directly register independently through the link . After that, you will take part in the preliminary round, which will take place every 12-14 every month from March to August.

From this preliminary elimination the top 4 teams will compete for the monthly Offline Preliminary round in Katowice, Poland. 2 winners of the preliminary team will get a ticket to the final round.

Katowice Offline Preliminary Round

In this round you will be truly tested to the limit of your ability to be able to get a gold ticket. By getting a gold ticket, you have confirmed your participation in the 2020 World Championship Final. While wildcards will be held in the game to decide the two remaining teams.

Your ticket and accommodation during the offline preliminary round will be fully covered by ESL . You will get a total of 8 opportunities to secure a place in the final round of the COC World Championship 2020.

COC World Finals 2020 Qualification Schedule
Complete Clash of Clans World Finals 2020 Qualification Schedule

The following is a complete schedule of Clash of Clans (COC) World Finals 2020 qualifications.

Qualification One
February 1-10: Clan War League
February 12-14: ESL Play Cups
March 27-29: First Offline Qualification

Qualification Two
March 1-10: Clan War League
March 12-14: ESL Play Cups
April 24-26: Second Offline Qualification

Qualification Three
April 1-10: Clan War League
April 12-14: ESL Play Cups
May 29-31: Third Offline Qualification

Qualification Four
1-10 May: Clan War League
May 12-14: ESL Play Cups
June 26-28: Offline Fourth Qualification

Qualification Five
June 1-10: Clan War League
June 12-14: ESL Play Cups
July 24-26: Five Offline Qualifications

Qualification Six
July 1-10: Clan War League
July 12-14: ESL Play Cups
August 24-26: Sixth Offline Qualification

If you want to take part in the COC World Championship 2020 you have to really prepare yourself, because this tournament will be followed by the best teams from all over the world. Stay tuned for the latest updates about Clash of Clans (COC) World Finals only in the Games News.

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