The Flat Earth Community to Mike Hughes: You Will Be Missed

The Bumi Datar community was devastated by the departure of 'Mad' Mike Hughes after he failed an experiment that the Earth was not round as many people believed.
Through the Flat Earth Society Twitter account, Bumi Datar Community expresses its condolences and says that the figure of Hughes will be missed.

Hughes is known to have died on Saturday (22/2) in an experiment to prove the Earth is flat through a rocket designed by himself. Hughes suffered a fatal accident until his last breath.

The rocket launch process was actually recorded by a team from Science Channel as part of a documentary series titled 'Homemade Astronaut'. But there are also amateur videos that record the seconds of the deadly accident.

The process of launching the rocket adherents of the theory of flat Earth and the challenge seekers is fairly simple, only supported by a truck.

Less than one second after launching, the object allegedly parachute came off the back of the rocket. The steam-powered rocket then glides into the sky.

Approximately 10 seconds after gliding, rockets were seen returning to the mainland at high speed. A scream was heard as the rocket dived sharply toward the desert in Barstow, California shortly before the collision occurred.

Freelance journalist Justin Chapman who was at the scene said the rocket was seen rubbing against its launch system, resulting in an error with the parachute system.

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During his life, Hughes was known as a unique person. He once held the Guinness World Record for 'the farthest jump using a limousine' in 2002. He managed to jump as far as 31 meters using the Lincoln Town Car limousine.

After that Hughes spent a lot of time building his own rocket with a limited budget. In a video uploaded on his YouTube channel, Hughes said that he did not only to prove the shape of the Earth, but also to inspire that everyone can do extraordinary things in his life.

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