Use Precision Core Technology, Epson Develops 2 Fashion Printers

Epson electronics manufacturers continue to innovate in answering consumer needs. One of them is by developing Epson Dye Sublimation Surecolor F Series digital textile printers and and Epson SureColor SC-F2130 Direct to Garment printers.

This product supports PrecisionCore technology, so that it can realize solid colors and display gradations of color in the collections of designers.

To prove the reliability of the technology, Epson is collaborating with a number of designers. This step aims to show Epson can be the best digital textile printing solution that is not limited and this is very instrumental in fashion.

"Collaboration with designers shows that Epson technology can translate ideas from designers into reality. Dye-sublimation solutions, Direct-to-Garment, to Direct-to-Fabric are able to produce vivid colors and translate designs with precision, allowing designers to express their creativity freely, "said PT Epson's Product Marketing Commercial and Industry Manager Indonesia, Lina Mariani, in her written statement as reported by , Sunday (10/27/2019).

He said with the solutions offered by Epson, the designers could express all their ideas and creativity without limits both in terms of color and in terms of print media. "Through our collaboration with local designers, we hope to support the growth of the fashion industry and foster greater awareness of the various things that Epson can do," he said.

In its collaboration, Epson collaborated with three well-known Indonesian designers, namely Amotsyamsurimuda, KLÉ, and Cattonink. Where the fabric used is digitally printed with Epson printers and exhibited at a fashion show titled Print Your Passion at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2020 event.

"Epson prints have very good colors, bright and vibrant, with the solutions offered by us designers can print on various types of materials that make our collections even more attractive. We are happy to work with Epson, "said Ria Sarwono, from the Cottonink fashion brand.
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